22. February 2024

• Asia’s first Bitcoin and Lightning Network conference will be held in Da Nang, Vietnam from March 22-24, 2023.
• Neutronpay, BitcoinVN and Nunchuk are organizing the event to share what is happening in Asia related to Bitcoin projects and Lightning adoption.
• General admission two-day passes are currently priced at $500 with discounted rates for local Vietnamese attendees.

Asia’s First Bitcoin & Lightning Conference

Asia will be hosting its first ever bitcoin & lightning network conference from March 22nd to 24th at the Furama Resort in Da Nang, Vietnam. The event is being organized by three Vietnamese companies: Neutronpay, BitcoinVN and Nunchuk.

What’s Happening Around Asia

The organizers hope to share knowledge about what is happening around the region regarding bitcoin projects, communities and lightning adoption. With countries like Vietnam (1), Philippines (2), India (4), Pakistan (6), Thailand (8) and China (10) all ranking very high for bitcoin adoption globally, this event promises to provide a great insight into the world of crypto in Asia.

Event Schedule

The conference will begin on March 22nd with a beach meet and greet followed by two days of presentations about both technological and economic aspects of bitcoin. Companies involved with building on the Lightning Network are expected to make an appearance as well as provide updates on their current projects.

Ticket Prices

Only 500 tickets are available for this exclusive event at a general admission two-day pass price of $500 – prices will go up again when sales open closer to the date of the event. Local Vietnamese attendees can access discounted rates at only $40 a ticket so they too can experience this exciting technology revolution!

Don’t Miss Out!

Don’t miss out on your chance to be part of something big – come join us in Da Nang for what promises to be one of the biggest events this year! Get your tickets now before they’re sold out!