27. September 2023

• Coinkite is launching a new higher-end COLDCARD, featuring QWERTY keyboard, larger LCD screen and QR code scanner.
• The COLDCARD Q1 also has battery-powered capabilities and borrows features from the Mk4 including NFC compatibility and USB virtual disk mode.
• The Q1 features a specialized QR scanner with an LED, enabling users to scan under not-so-optimal lightning conditions.

Coinkite Launches New Higher-End COLDCARD

Hardware company Coinkite is launching a new higher-end COLDCARD, the COLDCARD Q1. It features a full QWERTY keyboard, a larger LCD screen and a QR code scanner, as well as battery-powered capabilities which removes the need for connecting it to an outlet or computer.

Q1 Features & Specifications

The COLDCARD Q1 resembles the historic BlackBerry. A gray body encloses the secure elements introduced with the Mk4 such as NFC compatibility, USB virtual disk mode, USB-C connector, activity LEDs for USB and SD card, CPU speed of 120 megahertz (MHz). Moreover, it adds two SD card slots, an LCD screen four times as big, ability to use batteries for power, a QR code scanner with LED illumination and advanced scanning algorithms. Additionally it includes a flashlight.

The QR scanner sits at the top of the unit and is connected to the COLDCARD internally using 2 wire serial port which ensures that scanned data does not do more than expected.

Pre-Order Availability

The new COLDCARD Q1 is available for pre-order but its launch date is yet to be determined.

Benefits of Q1

The specialised QR scanner with an LED enables users to scan even under less optimal lighting conditions making it easier than ever before.


Coinkite’s new high end Colcard Q1 launches soon providing users with enhanced security , faster passphrase input , battery powered capabilities , large LCD display , dual SD card slots , flashlight functionality alongwith specialised QR code scanners . Pre orders are open now .