22. February 2024

• The article explores the contrasting events of Tezos’ slowdown in its NFT space and the growing bullish sentiment around InQubeta, an AI-focused investment platform.
• InQubeta is capturing attention from investors with its mission to democratize investments in high-potential startups and its deflationary token model.
• Tezos’ NFT sector is struggling due to competition, cyclical market conditions, and cooling hype around NFTs.

Contrasting Events: Tezos’ Slowdown & InQubeta’s Bullish Momentum

The ever-changing crypto landscape has seen turnarounds for numerous projects over time. Recently, the NFT space has seen a slowdown in momentum for Tezos while an AI startup investment project called InQubeta is experiencing bullish sentiment from investors globally. This article will explore the factors behind these two contrasting events.

InQubeta Taking the Lead

InQubeta is a groundbreaking project focused on democratizing investments in high-potential AI startups through their native crypto token QUBE. Their presale phase has been met with enthusiasm from investors as it promises to be a game-changer in the industry by leveraging a deflationary token model which creates scarcity and potentially boosts value over time. With its ambitious goals of bridging retail investors with innovative AI startups, InQubeta stands out as a promising prospect in this rapidly evolving investment landscape resulting in increased interest and bullish sentiment towards their project. So far they have raised over $2 million during their presale period which shows just how much potential this project holds.

Tezos’ NFT Slowdown

Once held up as one of the leading names in the NFT space, Tezos has been experiencing a decline in interest from artists and collectors alike recently. This can be attributed to various factors such as competition from other platforms, natural cycles within the market, and waning hype around NFTs overall. It’s important to note that this downturn does not reflect on overall performance of Tezos but just its declining momentum within its NFT sector specifically .

A Promising Horizon

As we move forward into the future of cryptocurrency investments it appears that projects offering tangible real-world solutions with long-term potential are becoming increasingly attractive to investors whereas those offering short term gains are getting left behind or stagnating like Tezos’NFT sector currently is . As such , it is clear that projects like InQubeta which offer promising real world solutions , are gaining more traction than ever before .


It’s evident that there is an increasing demand among cryptocurrency investors for projects which offer sustainable long term potential rather than quick profits . As such , it will be interesting to watch how these trends shape up as more innovative projects continue to enter the space .